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Bujagali Ophanage is in Butiki, Jinja, Uganda. The orphanage was set up by Bango, a 19 year old orphan himself. It was registered in June 2020 and receives no funding from any charity or organisation. Bango seeks jobs daily around his village. If he gets work, he gets food. If he doesn’t, the children go hungry. Bango commits his heart, soul and being to these kids with minimal support in hope that they will see a brighter future, as he restlessly searches for work and whatever payment he can get.

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Our Cause

Our cause began when a British, caring mother, Jools Healy, Discovered the orphanage and its struggle in October of 2020 and learnt that on some occasions the children wouldn't eat for days on end. Knowing this she promised them to make it her mission to ensure they eat every day, 365 days a year. So far she has successfully achieved this through her fundraisers and support from family, friends and the people of Nazeing village in the UK. The cause is now led by two strong, motivated women- Jools Healy and Janette Jones.

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Our Progress

We are proud to reflect on our progress so far and what we have been able to supply for these children whilst supporting Bango. We have managed to keep them fed daily as-well as overall better their quality of living. With a total of over £2000 raised at the time of writing this, we have been able to equip them with new clothing, shoes, toys, drinks and more in our attempt to lesser their struggle. One of our greatest achievements to date is their Christmas 2020 celebration which we funded so they could enjoy a day of excitement and fun. We were able to supply them with footballs for the first time in their lives and get them fizzy drinks to have with their Christmas meal as-well as giving them the opportunity to open presents as any child would. Seen below depending on your device, are the photos from the Christmas we were able to provide for them.

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Contribute to the Cause

With your help we can continue to aid Bango in his battle to provide for these children. Any donations would mean the world to them and us just so we can see these kids live an enjoyable life. Help others if you can and God will reward you accordingly.

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